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From a high level, building niche sites is pretty simple. Pick a niche, find topics, find keywords, create content, wait (this is the tough part), then eventually monetize your content with ads and affiliate links.

When you get into the weeds, there are obviously a ton of little things tied to each of those steps that you need to get right in order to give your site a chance to succeed. One of those often overlooked items is what I’m going to address today.

What I’m about to point out is a super simple mistake and a very common one that you’ll often see when someone is starting their first site. The reason is that it’s tied to something you won’t realize is an issue until many months down the road.

As I’ve mentioned in the past, when starting a new site, it’s always best to write the first batch of articles yourself (even if it’s not your first site). If it is your first site, this might be out of necessity if you have no money to invest into outsourcing.

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What you have to remember though, is that if you want to scale, you’ll eventually need to outsource some content. That means that several months to a year down the road, your plan should be to start investing in outsourced content, so you can put your focus elsewhere (a new site, etc.).

So what’s the problem? The problem is picking a niche, and/or topics within the niche, that can’t easily be outsourced. If you make this mistake, you can’t realistically scale your site.

For example, let’s say you’re an auto mechanic. On the surface, that seems like a perfect niche for a site. After all, you have a ton of knowledge about something that most people, including me, know little about.

The niche seems great on the surface, so you jump in and start writing. Six months to a year pass, and you start to see the potential for your site. It’s time to scale.

At this point, you’ll start looking into outsourcing and realize one of two things: either there are no writers that can realistically produce accurate articles for your topics, or it’s going to cost you a fortune to pay someone who has enough knowledge to produce articles for your topics.

Neither of these scenarios is ideal, and that’s why you need to always pick your niche and topics with outsourcing in the back of your mind. You need to always ask yourself, “can this easily be researched online?” If the answer is no, it probably doesn’t make sense to move forward.

With all of that being said, there are some obvious advantages to going down a path of creating a site around topics that can’t easily be outsourced. The main one being less competition.

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The tradeoff of course is that you’ll need to produce all of the content yourself or pay someone a fortune to do it for you. If you’re good with either of these options, then by all means, full steam ahead.

For us, outsourcing content is a big part of our strategy, so we’ll leave those difficult niches and topics for someone else to tackle.


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