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We now have seven months behind us for this case study, and everything is still trending in the right direction. I’ll jump into that more below, but first, we’ll take a look at the progress that we’ve made with the site so far.

If you’re not up to date with this case study and the strategy behind it, you can check out the full playlist over on YouTube.


In May, we published another 39 posts, bringing the total up to 318. At this rate, it looks like we’ll be close to 500 posts within the first year, and that is likely when we’ll slow things down a bit.

# of Posts

Topic Clusters

We also finished publishing a relatively large cluster of posts and started a new one.

Topic Clusters

While the larger clusters tend to have more internal linking opportunities, they are definitely much more difficult to manage.

On this particular site, we’re likely going to end up with clusters ranging from as low as 10 posts to over 100 posts. We’ll save the bigger clusters for later, as the competition for those topics seems to be higher overall.

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Search Impressions and Clicks

As you can see below, the upward curve that started a few months ago has continued in the right direction, basically doubling our traffic each month.

Clicks and Impressions

Thankfully, the algorithm update that was released toward the end of May didn’t affect this site. The same can’t be said for a couple of our other sites, which saw drops of roughly 25% each.

Pageviews (All Sources)

The screenshot below shows total pageviews by month from all sources. In May, we pulled in just shy of 6,000 pageviews.

Pageviews By Month

Final Thoughts

As we had hoped, we once again double our traffic from April to May. June has been off to a solid start as well, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens from here.

Considering how many of our posts are targeting high competition keywords, we’re pretty happy to see this much traffic this early on the site. 

As a reminder, one of the things we wanted to test with this case study was to see if covering topics thoroughly (instead of only targeting low-competition keywords), would help to boost the articles targeting low-competition keywords in the short term, as well as the articles targeting high-competition keywords in the long term. 

Only time will tell, but the results so far are promising.


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