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After building niche websites for roughly four years, if someone were to ask me what the toughest part has been, it would be an easy answer: the waiting.

Growing traffic to your site organically takes a long time. There’s no way around that.

Sure, there are some shortcuts you can take, but those tend to come back to haunt you down the road.

The best thing you can do is to treat it like an investment, just like you would with your retirement account.

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Investing is a tough concept for most people, because most of us can’t justify making a small sacrifice today for a larger reward in the distant future. But that’s exactly what it takes to grow a large nest egg.

And the same can be said for growing a successful niche site. Each article that you write has the potential to bring a trickle of income back to you month after month.

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Some articles will have a high return, while some won’t produce a dime. Again, it’s no different than diversifying your investment portfolio. As long as you have more winners than losers, your return will continue to grow.

Looking at writing 100 or 500 articles as a whole can feel overwhelming. But if instead, you look at each article as a potential recurring income stream, it becomes much easier to overcome.

Take bite-sized chunks at your overall goal. In fact, set smaller goals to keep you going, like producing one or two articles per week.

As the weeks and months go by, all of those articles will really start to add up, and eventually, many of them will start to produce a nice monthly dividend.

Viewing your niche site as a long-term investment is simply a mindset shift. Nothing changes as far as the steps you have to complete, but changing the way you think can keep you going until your site starts producing an income.

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It might sound simple, but when you consider that most people give up before even starting, simply because the goal seems so unattainable, it’s worth taking the long view.

Even those who keep their motivation long enough to produce a few articles typically burn out within the first couple of months. I definitely considered it many times early on.

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If you haven’t already, take that first step and start your site. Attack each article one by one, with the mindset that there are potential dollar signs attached to each of them.

If you’ve already launched your site, use the same mindset to get over those mental hurdles. Even adding one article per week can substantially increase your future monthly earnings after many months or years of writing.

If you want to see our approach to building low-risk websites with a long-term focus, here is a basic overview.

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After spending several years struggling to find a reliable way to make money online, I finally developed a simple system that produces large and consistent results. My small team and I are now generating life-changing income for all of us by building simple niche websites using the basic steps covered on Passive Income Unlocked.

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