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When it comes to publishing online content, most of the gurus will tell you that to succeed, you need to produce the highest quality piece of content possible. Not only that, but you need to put even more time and energy into marketing that content to give it a chance of performing well.

While this is sound advice on the surface, it doesn’t make sense in all scenarios. In fact, there are certain instances where this advice will significantly slow your site’s growth.

When we first started building niche sites, we followed the general advice above, and while our articles were far from perfect, we put a ton of time and energy into them to make them as good as we could.

Quality and Quantity Street Signs

These days, we have a different perspective, and our strategy is geared more toward a quantity over quality approach.

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The reason is simple. When you’re targeting low-competition keywords, which is what we do, you don’t always need a high-quality article to succeed. And while publishing a high quality article is certainly better than the alternative, it won’t rank you any higher or get you any additional traffic over a decent-quality article.

Creating the best possible resource on a topic takes a lot of time, and that time could often be better spent creating another article. When you add this up over dozens, or even hundreds, of articles, it can make a huge difference in the amount of content that you produce.

Now let me take a quick step aside to point out that you still want to make sure that your articles are at least good quality. If all you post is low-quality garbage, you’re unlikely to gain much traction in the SERPs.

This is a balancing act, and your goal is to find the sweet spot. Produce content that is good enough to outrank the competition (which there shouldn’t be much for low-competition keywords) with the least amount of time and effort invested.

You have to also remember that not all of your posts will rank well and bring in traffic. No matter how good you are at keyword research and competition analysis, you’re going to publish some losers.

Dart in Bullseye on Dart Board

By publishing as many articles as possible, you’re giving your site more chances to succeed. It’s like throwing darts at a dartboard, and the more shots you take, the more bullseyes you’ll hit.

This is the strategy that we’ve shifted to over the last few years, and we’ve found great success with it, as you can see in our income reports. Again, this is because we target low-competition keywords.

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As your site grows and you start targeting higher-competition keywords with potentially higher volumes, you’ll want to increase the level of quality accordingly. Until then, find that sweet spot where you can produce a solid article in as little time as possible.

In a perfect world, your articles will be high quality without impacting your publishing rate, but this is really only feasible if you’re outsourcing. If you’ve grown your site to the point that this is a realistic option for you, go for it.

Until that time comes, give your site the best chance of gaining traction by hitting that publish button as frequently as you possibly can.


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  1. Hi Jeff 👋

    Your emails and the posts are really inspiring. Really thanks man for such a great content.

    I think you are really right, sometimes we need to find balance between quantity over quality instead of going too much hard on quality 😉

    That dartboard analogy is quite relatable. More content pieces=more ranking chances.

    Once again thanks Jeff 😊 Will be keen to look for 👍your more content updates from you 😀


    • Jeff Reply

      Hi Prit,

      I’m glad you were able to get some value out of this post. Quality is definitely important, but it’s easy to put too much focus on it when simply posting more articles would put you further ahead. As with most things, it’s all about finding the right balance.

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