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Most people hate change, including me. Making a change in any aspect of your life, whether it’s your diet, exercise routine, or anything else, usually involves doing something that’s unfamiliar and uncomfortable. It means stepping outside of your comfort zone.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), most businesses will fail if they don’t evolve and change their approach over time. Blogging is no different.

A good example of this is with product review sites. Several years ago, you could slap up product roundups covering several products that you’ve literally never touched and easily get organic traffic to those pages and eventually over to Amazon for a commission. Today, not so much.

Are there still people doing this and succeeding? I’m sure there are, but it’s become clear that this is no longer a viable long-term strategy.

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If you’re the type of person who’s resistant to change, you might see a shift like this and say “I guess I had a good run.” On the flip side, the ones who evolve their strategy are the ones who will continue to reach greater heights.

While the example above is a bit out of our wheelhouse, publishing informational content still involves changing with the times. One such change that is clearly on the horizon is AI-generated content.

AI-generated content has taken off as of late, with sites popping up with thousands of articles practically overnight. While this content is generally not very good and is easy to identify, it won’t always be that way.

Does this mean we should assume that our days are numbered and that we should throw in the towel? Some people out there clearly say yes, but we’re not in that camp.

Instead, we’re now looking for ways to differentiate our content, ways to make it stand out over the AI-content that you’re starting to see out on the web.

So how do you do this? You need to ask yourself “what can I do with my articles that AI currently cannot?”

Some examples are things like adding a personal touch to your articles through storytelling, adding internal links, adding your own images, building out your social media presence, etc.

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These are things that AI simply can’t do, at least not today. By finding ways to differentiate and improve your articles, you stand a much better chance of rising to the top in the SERPs.

Along the same lines, always ask yourself “what can I do to improve the user experience?” Typically, anything you can do to improve your visitors’ experience will improve your user engagement and lead to better rankings.

Am I worried about AI content? Not really. Most of it is low quality at this point, unless heavily edited and managed by a human, and I don’t see that changing for quite a while.

You also have to think about the people using AI content. They are looking for shortcuts, and people who use shortcuts are typically lazy. They’re going to put in the minimum amount of effort to get a result, and that means their sites are typically not very well optimized.

Regardless, AI-generated content is just one example. And while most things in blogging change slowly, changes do happen over time.

As I mentioned earlier, the ones who evolve will rise to the top. Don’t assume what works today will always work in the future.


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